Michelle Glauser, Founder and CEO

Since becoming a software engineer in 2012, she's worked for a better, more diverse software industry by organizing support groups, meetups, workshops, and the #ILookLikeAnEngineer ad campaign. Michelle's experience working in tech and volunteering in the community in San Francisco revealed two glaring issues: lack of diversity on tech teams and high income disparity. Techtonica is her vision to help tech companies and people who need more opportunities thrive together.

Michelle Glauser
Judy Tuan

Judy Tuan, Technical Apprenticeship Program Manager

Judy Tuan became a software engineer through an apprenticeship at Blazing Cloud with the founder of RailsBridge. She has since worked as a software engineer and engineering manager at Indiegogo. During the last eight years, she has helped people join tech through her work with Learners Guild, RailsBridge, and Women Who Code. She currently volunteers with the Tech Workers Coalition, which is a group building workers’ power.

TaLea Carpenter, Associate Program Manager

Before learning to code, TaLea spent the majority of her time homeschooling her children and making music. She has been recording music for over a decade and sees coding as another creative outlet. She worked at Ancestry following her training at Techtonica and is happy to be in a position to empower others.

TaLea Carpenter

Board Members

Leah Alpert

Leah Alpert is a software engineering manager at Collective Health where she works on reinventing the way people interact with their health benefits. Leah is passionate about increasing the representation of women and underrepresented minorities in software engineering roles. After graduating from MIT with a degree in computer science, Leah spent the summer teaching computer science in Ghana before returning to San Francisco to work as a software engineer at Khan Academy. At Khan Academy, she built tools to help teachers and parents improve student outcomes. Now, at Collective Health, she leads engineering teams and runs the tech diversity team with the goal creating a more diverse and inclusive tech environment.

Michelle Grover

Michelle started in technology in 1995 as a Systems Support Engineer by accident. She was originally in college for Physics and Structural Engineering but during the summer took on temporary work as the receptionist at AirTouch Paging (which became Verizon). At the end of her 90 days as a temp, Michelle was offered a permanent position as a Systems Support Engineer. She started with TripIt in October 2014 and was responsible for the Tripit R&D Team which includes mobile, platform and our datamapper (itinerary parser) team and the Concur Mobile Teams in Bellevue, Prague and Rot. Michelle has been married for 23 years and has a 12 year old son. In her spare time she volunteers at several organizations that focus on getting more women and girls interested in Software Development.

Nicole Tiefensee

Nicole Tiefensee is a project manager with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. She’s a keen advocate of Agile and Lean principles and has coached development teams in both start-ups and big corporations. Nicole grew up in Germany where she acquired a degree in Media and Computer Science. She’s passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge to create a more diverse tech industry and enable other woman to succeed.

Lauren Fernandez

Lauren Fernandez is a Learning and Development professional with over ten years of experience designing, launching, and facilitating global learning programs for tech companies. Lauren has a passion for coaching and mentoring others both in her professional and personal life. In her spare time, she mentors and advises startups in the HR, education, and diversity and inclusion tech spaces. Lauren is drawn to the apprenticeship world as she is determined to change how we hire, develop, and retain talent across organizations. She holds her BA in Economics from UC Santa Cruz and her MS in Organization Development from USF.

Suneet Deol

Suneet Deol is a Senior Technical Program Manager at Box. Previously, she managed product ops and programs at SanDisk, a Western Digital brand, and worked as a Sales Engineer at Cal Sensors. At work, Suneet merges her technical and operations background to manage efficient and productive programs. Off the clock, she enjoys helping women find STEM careers, traveling, and healthy doses of Netflix and chocolate. Suneet holds a BS in Engineering from UC Davis and an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Melanie Warrick is at Google driving applied machine learning and Cloud advocacy. Previously, she implemented machine learning applications at as well as built a neural net software platform at a start-up. Before becoming a software engineer, she worked for over 10 years in business consulting at firms such as Accenture on projects for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits like CARE and Oxfam. Her global experience includes working in places like Kenya, Peru, England, Bangladesh, and Japan, and across many industries such as technology, retail, healthcare, media, non-profit, and energy. She holds an MBA and an undergraduate film degree from USC. Working with different organizations and independently, she has mentored and sponsored hundreds of people entering into technology and business fields.

Fifteen participants, mostly women, gathered after a workshop.

The Techtonica Squad includes software engineers, community volunteers and leaders, non-profit and startup founders, teachers, curriculum development specialists, venture capitalists, and social impact strategists.

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