Michelle Glauser

Michelle Glauser, Founder and CEO

Since becoming a software engineer in 2012, she's worked for a better, more diverse software industry by organizing support groups, meetups, workshops, and the #ILookLikeAnEngineer ad campaign. Michelle's experience working in tech and volunteering in the community in San Francisco revealed two glaring issues: lack of diversity on tech teams and high income disparity. Techtonica is her vision to help tech companies and people who need more opportunities thrive together.

Tiffany Quach,
Partnership Development Manager

Tiffany has over 10 years of professional experience working in social impact. Prior to joining Techtonica, she managed a STEM and Environmental Education program for youth from communities that organizations have previously failed to engage. She is an experienced community builder and is impassioned about diversity, equity, and inclusion across all sectors. She is now excited to help create an inclusive tech ecosystem through partnership and relationship building.

Tiffany Quach
Sarah Cawley

Sarah Cawley,
Software Engineering Apprenticeship Manager (SEAM)

Sarah started her professional life as a musician and teacher. After running a private music school for a decade she transitioned into tech. Sarah has spent the last 6 years working in the tech space with companies ranging from Intel to small consultancies. Since moving into tech and seeing first hand the lack of diversity in the field she is excited to use her unique set of programming and teaching skills to help find successful outcomes for everyone in the program!

Christina Rodriguez,
Technical Associate Program Manager (TAPM)

Before changing her career, Cristina had over 12 years of experience in communications, managing strategies and contacts with the press for big companies, and developing public events. In 2017 she decided to change her path from communications to software engineering. And in 2018, she decided to focus her career in mobile development. Cristina likes the problem-solving aspect of being a software engineer, and she enjoys using all her research skills to find the answer to any new challenge in the development of a project. She is passionate about building projects from scratch in React Native and publishing apps to IOs and Android. She is looking forward to bring to the table her detail-oriented project management and programming skillset.

Christina Rodriguez

Board Members

Alexandria Spiva

Alexandria has worked in tech for 13 years — at Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and currently Lyft. Alexandria has carried roles of Recruiter + D&I thought leader to elevate programs and partnerships, along with re-designing approaches to hiring. Beyond her day-to-day, she does her knowledge-sharing through think tank sessions with various non-profits and panels such as Black Girls Code, Grace Hopper Conference, and Expat Women. She is passionate about diversity engagement and community building.

Kristina Jobert

Kristina Jobert has a background in the SaaS and cloud technology industry and currently manages the Go-to-Market Systems and Technology Stack at Dynamic Signal. Kristina is passionate about women in tech and strives to provide a gateway for women of color who aspire to learn code and advance in the tech field. In her spare time she enjoys climbing, reading, traveling, playing sports, and exploring the outdoors her Corgis Stanley and Theodore.

Kry Flores

Krys is a Senior Software Engineer at Lob, a company automating snail mail. She is committed to increasing the number of female and Latinx computer programmers. Krys does this by giving technical talks and volunteering. In her talks, she seeks to give a face to those who are not usually represented amongst conference speakers. She believes the more you see, the more there will be. Krys is also a huge advocate of equal opportunities in the workforce, especially equal pay. In 2019 she was featured in the #NothingLess Micro Documentary by Hired. In 2018, she gave the talk “Applying Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In principles in technology” as part of the Visionary Voices program.

Leah Alpert

Leah Alpert is a software engineering manager at Collective Health where she works on reinventing the way people interact with their health benefits. Leah is passionate about increasing the representation of women and underrepresented minorities in software engineering roles. After graduating from MIT with a degree in computer science, Leah spent the summer teaching computer science in Ghana before returning to San Francisco to work as a software engineer at Khan Academy. At Khan Academy, she built tools to help teachers and parents improve student outcomes. Now, at Collective Health, she leads engineering teams and runs the tech diversity team with the goal creating a more diverse and inclusive tech environment.

Melissa Lucas

Melissa is an independent consultant for communications strategy, editorial, outreach, and grant writing in the fields of tech for good, internet access, health care, social services, and racial justice. She most recently served as editorial director for communications at CENIC, which operates a private internet network for most of California’s public research and education institutions, enabling researchers and students to discover and share new knowledge. After finishing her degree at UC Santa Cruz and working for reproductive rights in Costa Rica, only a strong, true mission gets her fired up. She’s thrilled to help spread the word about Techtonica.

Michelle Grover

Michelle brings over 20 years of technical experience to her role as CIO of Twilio. Overseeing IT as well as several engineering groups and teams, Michelle is responsible for up-leveling the company’s technology systems and processes as it prepares for its next stage of growth. Most recently, Michelle was Senior Vice President of Software Development at SAP Concur, where she led a 300+ global team of mobile and platform engineers focused on TripIt and the Concur mobile app. Michelle sits on the Advisory Board of Techtonica, a nonprofit that helps guide women and non-binary individuals into the technology industry. In her spare time, Michelle volunteers at several organizations that focus on women and girls interested in S.T.E.M., and spends time with her 14-year-old son and two very spoiled dogs.

Suneet Deol

Suneet Deol is a Senior Technical Program Manager for the Music team at Twitch. Prior to joining Twitch, she led product ops, business development, and program delivery at Box, SanDisk, and Cal Sensors. At work, Suneet balances her technical, business, and operations background to deliver products within scope. Off the clock, she enjoys helping women build STEM careers, traveling, and healthy doses of Netflix and chocolate. Suneet holds a BS in Engineering from UC Davis and an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business.

Melanie Warrick

Melanie Warrick is at Google driving applied machine learning and Cloud advocacy. Previously, she implemented machine learning applications at as well as built a neural net software platform at a start-up. Before becoming a software engineer, she worked for over 10 years in business consulting at firms such as Accenture on projects for Fortune 500 companies and non-profits like CARE and Oxfam. Her global experience includes working in places like Kenya, Peru, England, Bangladesh, and Japan, and across many industries such as technology, retail, healthcare, media, non-profit, and energy. She holds an MBA and an undergraduate film degree from USC. Working with different organizations and independently, she has mentored and sponsored hundreds of people entering into technology and business fields.

Daaimah Tibrey

Prior to tech, Daaimah was in the nonprofit industry in program management and grant writing. In that role, she supported equity and inclusion through public policy education as well as training persons with disabilities on how to secure competitive work. Following completion of the Techtonica program, she began working at SurveyMonkey as a Software Engineer. She is now marrying her previous and newfound skillsets to advocate for mindful accommodations, training access, and new pathways to entry for underrepresented intersectionalities in the tech space. For kicks, she enjoys hitting the trails with her two children as well as continuous science and anthropology learning.

Fifteen participants, mostly women, gathered after a workshop.

The Techtonica Squad includes software engineers, community volunteers and leaders, non-profit and startup founders, teachers, curriculum development specialists, venture capitalists, and social impact strategists.

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