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Techtonica offers software engineering training, living and childcare stipends, laptops, and community support to women and non-binary adults with low incomes, then places graduates with sponsors or supports them during their job search.

By sponsoring, you're empowering the people most underrepresented in tech and most in need. You’ll also save time and money on recruiting, build diversity in tech, expand your network, gain new perspectives, make better products, receive a tax exemption, join other distinguished supporters, and lift the local community.

Make a positive social impact while filling your technical talent needs.

We have a rigorous application process that includes HTML/CSS workshops, a JavaScript workshop, a code challenge, a long application, pairing, and interviews by staff as well as board members. Our acceptance rate is 8%. The characteristics we both seek in applicants and seek to strengthen in participants are resilience, autonomy, commitment, positivty & adaptability, collaboration, curiosity, and logic.

Developed by industry professionals, our six-month, sponsor-approved, open-source training covers full-stack JavaScript using hands-on projects. Participants build several projects, including a final project that is demoed during interviews and the graduation celebration—watch our 2018 project demos and placement announcements here.

Our participants spend the last weeks of training preparing to join the companies they've been matched with.

Most of our participants are people of color, and we seek to place 100% with hiring partners. All of our graduates still work in tech and most are still working with the companies we placed them with. Read more about our participants here.

The best talent can’t be confined to gender, race, status, or age—let’s bring the best talent to the best of tech.

Techtonica Demographics:

Did you know 87% of Techtonica graduates are still with our sponsor companies? Here are some testimonials:

"I'm being very serious when I say that I'd be happy to take literally any of them. I've never experienced that before from folks so new to the work." -Shane Duff, Senior Front End Engineer at Pantheon

“Everyone is super happy with the program and the quality of the {participants}. It was beyond what most were expecting.” —Jerome Despret, Director of Engineering at Pantheon

“Mentoring [our Techtonica grad] at Meraki has been incredibly rewarding, as I see her grow into a stronger and stronger engineer every week.” —Alexandra Savramis, Software Engineer at Cisco Meraki

“You could honestly match us with any one of them and it would be great.” —Jill Berardini, Software Engineer at Rally Health

“[Our Techtonica graduate] is beloved.” —Rachel Glickman, Director of Inclusion, Diversity, and Employee Relations at Rally Health

“We were very impressed by the level of foresight that went into the curriculum design.” —Michael Kyle, Director of Talent at Redbubble

How Hiring Works


Become a sponsor at the advocate level—this process includes signing an advocate sponsor agreement, receiving an invoice, paying the sponsorship fee, and announcing the partnership.

2018 cohort
2018 volunteering at Atlassian

Get Involved and Strategize

Get involved with Techtonica—you can volunteer, arrange a visit/video call, etc.

Determine your future employee’s position, team, duties, manager, and mentor. Possible positions include: software engineer, support engineer, technical program manager, sales engineer, QA engineer, and other "tech plus/adjacent" roles. See this doc for some of our past placement job descriptions.

Find Your Match and Prepare

Mutually rate and match with participants after they build their final projects.

Collaborate with your future employee on how to spend the last month preparing to join your team. Negotiate start date, pay (at least $30/hour), and other details.

2018 volunteer with participant
2018 Atlassian volunteering


Enjoy having your matched graduate on your team for at least 1,000 hours!

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