Four BIPOC smile in a Zoom video call.


Techtonica is a fiscally-sponsored nonprofit that offers U.S. women and non-binary adults seeking economic empowerment software engineering training with need-based, sliding-scale, subsidized tuition and stipend scholarships, then places them in positions at sponsoring companies that are ready to support more diverse teams or supports them during the job search.

Make an Impact as Our Sponsorships Lead!

Because of the many layoffs and hiring freezes in the software industry over the last few years, Techtonica struggled to maintain enough funding via our original hiring partnerships model alone. We diversified our revenue streams to include consulting and tuition and are now urgently seeking an amazing, focused go-getter to secure significant, reputable funding (mostly through B2B sales or sponsorships) for the organization within three months.

Responsibilities include:

  • Efficiently and independently identifying, assessing, seeking, and securing funding from new and existing sources in the form of corporate sponsorships, hiring partnerships, foundational grants, consulting work, individual donations, etc.
  • Timely communication with sponsors, partners, customers, and team members
  • Meticulously managing and tracking potential, existing, and past partnerships as you go
  • Improving Techtonica's marketing efforts (flyers, ads, videos, PR, slides, website, newsletters, social media, Google Analytics) and partnership processes
  • Conspicuously representing Techtonica at many external events

This is a temporary, remote position in the U.S. with mostly Pacific Time business hours. The term of the role is three months full-time for someone who can really throw themselves into the work, with the potential for longer-term employment if fundraising goals are quickly and efficiently reached. No visa sponsorship is possible.

This role is a fantastic fit for you if you:

  • Formulate, take responsibility for, and deliver SMART business development deliverables with ambitious deadlines.
  • Work very quickly and independently.
  • Have impressive competence with software tools, including macOS, Gmail, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, pipeline tools and CRMs (HubSpot), Zoom, social media, Dropbox, Slack, Google Analytics, and Google Workspace tools.
  • Are proficient in spoken and written English.
  • Respond to emails and Slack messages promptly.
  • Communicate concisely and openly about the most important aspects. You give quick, straightforward, considerate answers to questions.
  • Pay attention to details and take feedback well from the get-go. You never get a pronoun, spelling, or guideline wrong more than once.
  • Take responsibility for misses and unhesitatingly share and implement plans to improve.
  • Document, improve, and automate as you go.
  • Recognize that being on a small team means taking on many roles independently and not dawdling.
  • Do what you say you’re going to do and share updates straight away.
  • Love meeting new people, know a lot of people at higher levels in the software industry, and know how to gain executive buy-in.
  • Are passionate about social justice and can relate to the people Techtonica serves on multiple levels: 88% of our graduates so far are BIPOC, 21% have a disability, 21% are parents, 10% identify outside the gender binary, 1% are veterans, and all of them are women or non-binary adults seeking economic empowerment.
  • Have proven experience in swiftly obtaining the green light for initiatives that require large budgets.
  • Are friendly, confident, and have an enthusiastic, decisive, make-it-happen-now personality.
  • Have no qualms about repeatedly reaching out to people and making asks, and when you hear a no, you immediately make a different request.
  • Can skillfully negotiate sponsorships and close deals on the spot.
  • Notice potential partnership and revenue opportunities everywhere and know which ones to prioritize, which ones to hand to others, and which ones to decline.
  • Efficiently and proactively manage many tasks and contacts simultaneously.
  • Live near a tech hub, attend a lot of tech events, and can arrange for donated admittance to many paid events.


  • $37-$40 base pay per hour, depending on experience and location, plus performance-based bonuses up to 30% of pay
  • 48 hours of personal leave upfront and a monthly accrual of 9.33 hours
  • 100% health insurance that starts the first day of the month after joining
  • A Techtonica MacBook to use for work, if needed

If this role sounds like a fantastic fit for you, please email the following to info AT techtonica DOT org:

  1. A link to your LinkedIn profile
  2. A sentence about why Techtonica's mission excites you
  3. An example of a recent initiative you obtained approval for, how big the budget was, and how long it took to secure said approval.
  4. A cold outreach email you would send to try to schedule a call with a potential sponsor
  5. The names and email addresses of two past coworkers or managers who really challenged you (for references)

If we agree you could be a fantastic fit for this very-focused role, we'll respond. Applicants who don't follow these instructions will not receive responses. Selected applicants will interview with staff and board members via video call and pitch Techtonica.