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Techtonica is a fiscally-sponsored nonprofit that offers U.S. women and non-binary adults seeking economic empowerment, software engineering training with need-based, sliding-scale, subsidized tuition and stipend scholarships, then places them in positions at sponsoring companies that are ready to support more diverse teams or supports them during the job search.

Make an Impact as a Board Member!

If you are an experienced, well-connected leader who cares deeply about compassionately empowering underrepresented people seeking economic empowerment, join us! We are especially seeking seasoned, well-connected leaders in DEI, marketing, sales or biz dev, or engineering, and who can relate to the people we serve on multiple levels: 88% of our graduates so far are BIPOC, 21% have a disability, 21% are parents, 10% identify outside the gender binary, 1% are veterans, and all of them are women or non-binary adults with low incomes who are seeking economic empowerment.

You are willing and able to:

  • Regularly make time to attend and prepare for meetings—we currently have board meetings on the first Monday of each month, with updates and check-ins on Slack as needed. Inform yourself and be involved in the topics when you miss meetings.
  • Answer emails and Slack messages within two days.
  • Determine and be informed about Techtonica’s mission, services, policies, programs, and events.
  • Make decisions efficiently and be open to others’ ideas.
  • Communicate clearly and respectfully.
  • Participate in fundraising.
  • Attend one workshop per year.
  • Speak to participants once per year.
  • Help organize one event per year.
  • Help commit at least one new large sponsor per year.
  • Donate at least $2,000 per year, starting with your first month.
  • Build partnerships with a community org each year.
  • Lead or participate in organizational committees.
  • Be a Techtonica ambassador at events, speaking gigs, etc.
  • Act at all times for the benefit of Techtonica and its mission.
  • Maintain confidentiality about board matters.
  • Seek outside help such as lawyers, accountants, and other professional services as needed by Techtonica.
  • Personally connect your network to Techtonica.
  • Ensure up-to-date personnel policies, complies with employment laws, and follows these policies and laws.
  • Consult or advise staff in your area of expertise.
  • Providing thought partnership to the CEO and staff.
  • Use modern, online tech tools such as Google Drive and Google Calendar to manage organizational needs.

If this sounds like a good role for you, please contact us with your LinkedIn profile and a little bit about how you relate to the target audience.

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