A mentor works with a participant at a laptop.


Techtonica is a nonprofit that helps women and non-binary adults with low incomes overcome barriers into the tech industry by providing laptops, stipends, technical training, and placements.

Make an Impact as Our Technical Associate Program Manager

Techtonica offers a life-changing learning experience to program participants. We care deeply about helping our program participants become high-quality developers.

We are looking for a self-motivated individual to start immediately as a full-time Technical Associate Program Manager. This role would be a good fit for someone with JavaScript coding knowledge, especially if you are interested in focusing mostly on community organizing or program/project management.

As the current cohort is virtual, this role is remote, but we are normally located in San Francisco and very locally-focused, so being located in the Bay Area could be helpful.

Our participants are Bay Area women and non-binary adults and most of them are people of color. We are seeking an individual who can relate to the target audience on as many levels as possible.

This full-time role's compensation will start between $40,000 and $73,000 (depending on experience and location). We can provide benefits to full-time employees, but we cannot provide visa sponsorship at this time.


  • Report to and collaborate with the program technical lead
  • Manage Techtonica’s application process (JavaScript pre-req study groups, application forms, JavaScript workshops, code challenges, interviews, and scheduling of board interviews)
  • Organize and manage Techtonica events
  • Enable volunteers and mentors to serve Techtonica’s participants effectively
  • Improve training content (instruction, schedules, notes, summaries, assignments, schedules, etc.) that is up-to-date with full-stack JavaScript best practices some of the subjects we cover here
  • Present, explain, answer questions, or help participants figure out how to find answers to their questions about topics (technical and non-technical), pair, develop, debug, and conduct assessments as assigned by the technical lead
  • Identify and describe organizational needs that volunteers could fulfill
  • Improve and document processes
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned

What we're looking for:

  • Self-motivation and desire to make continual improvements
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, trust-building, and leadership skills
  • The ability to quickly familiarize yourself with Techtonica’s vision and all people involved (staff, participants, board members, volunteers, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of web development (bonus points for full-stack JavaScript)
  • Strong moral values and discipline
  • Organization, commitment, and adaptability
  • Understanding of socioeconomic experiences that our program participants have faced
  • Extroversion that is respectful of introversion
  • Being passionate and informed about social justice and diversity-and-inclusion-in-tech issues
  • The ability to handle many different projects and tasks simultaneously and independently
  • Commitment to being at Techtonica for at least six months
  • The ability to relate to our target audience (women and non-binary adults, mostly people of color, with low incomes) on as many levels as possible

The interview process involves showing you are a good fit for the role. We may ask you to join us for an interview (online), contribute to the curriculum, pair, and meet board members. Please send your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile and a link to your GitHub profile to info@techtonica.org if this role sounds like a good fit for you.

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